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MSHF dedicates its most earnest effort to develop and diversify its mutual fund product lines. Currently, the Company has an extensive product varieties consist of actively-managed equity funds, quantitative funds and fixed-income funds. Guided by the principle of "bottom-to-top, refinedselection of individual stocks", our investment professionals appreciate every field research to the listed-companies and insist on follow-up monitoring, providing solid underpinning to every investment decision and laying the ground work for excess returns.

Taking in overseas expertise and integrating it into our local practice, Quantitative Team has built a multi-strategy quantitative model pool and our quantitative products have achieved excellent performance.

Moreover, our Fixed-income Team has combined experience covering markets in China and worldwide and is able to preciselyinterpretthe market trend, time the market for best opportunities and pursue absolute return with a heightened focus on risk management.

The Company has built a SMA team, providing professional asset management service to our clients. The Company launched a customized investment solution, “Xindao”, including four series of products, namely Renaissance, Elasticity, Quantitative and Fixed-income, to cater our investors’ needs. “Integrity and professional” is our SMA team’s motto.

Our SMA team members, who are at least five to ten years experienced, have witnessed shifts between bull and bear markets and accumulated rich practical experience.

SMA Team insists on their robust investment style and strictly follows the Company’s investment disciplines and processes with an ultimate goal to deliver durable and consistent investment results to our clients.