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Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. (Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds)has changed registration with the Industry and Commerce Bureau on June 12, 2008 and is now Sino-foreign joint venture fundsmanagement company(formerly known as Jutian Fund Management Company established on March 14, 2003) with registered capital of RMB 227.5 million. MSHF is headquartered in Shenzhen, and has two branches, one in Beijing and the other in Shanghai.

“Gather World Wise, Achieve Ideal Life”. As a joint venture fund company, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds benefits from the global vision of its foreign shareholder, Morgan Stanley, and absorbs the local investment wisdom from its Chinese major shareholder, Huaxin Securities.Supported by both foreign and domestic shareholders, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds has been devoted itself to becoming a leading asset management companies in China. Rooting in the Chinese market and benefiting from its international background, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds commits itself to building a harmonious, normative, transparent and progressive corporate culture and providing our investors with good investment returns and professional services.

Morgan Stanley Huaxin Funds provides diversified and excellent management services to investors, including actively managed products, indexing investment products, quantitative investment products, fixed income products and separately-managed account (SMA) products, with a goal to meet investors’ needs for wealth management to the fullest.

The Company has built a highly professional investment and research team and the core members have rich experiences in both investment and research. Our investment and research team values cooperation, complementary advantages and collective wisdom.

Through fundamental research and forward-looking analysis, the investment and research team has seized the trend of the market in medium and long term; moreover, the team balances asset allocation to prevent front-end risks. In equity investment, the team applies a “top-to-bottom” principle to conduct macro-industrial researches and a “bottom-to-top” principle to select individual stock; regarding fixed-income investment, the team has been underpinned by the investment philosophy of pursuing absolute returns; in quantitative investment, the team stands on trading strategies and continuously improves the investment models suitable for the Chinese securities market.

The Company has established a series of stringent and standard processes in investment decision-making, including investment research, investment decision-making, portfolio construction, trade-execution, risk and performance evaluation and portfolio adjustment. The Company has also established Investment Decision Committee and SMA Investment Decision Committee to oversee these processes.

The mutual funds of the Company are managed under the guidance and instructions of Investment Decision Committee and allocated by asset classes; the portfolio managers make investment decisions and construct investment portfolios according to the investment strategies drawn up by the Investment Decision Committee;the SMA products are managed under the guidance and instructions given by the SMA Investment Decision Committee.

The research team provides support to portfolio managers, facilitating their decision-making, while the trading team executes the managers’ instruction with incorporation of the market environment, and undertakes the font-line supervision in trading. 

It is our shareholders, Board and employees’ common goal to make efficient risk management our core competitiveness. With the support of our foreign shareholder, Morgan Stanley, the investment team integrates their international risk management experiences into our local practice. The team has established a risk control structure where the team shares well-defined responsibilities, works in collaboration and with constraints. It has also established a comprehensive risk management system to supervise legal and compliance, operation, investment risks and reputation risks.

• Risk Management Philosophy
In practice, risk management remains our first priority. Our risk managementis built oninstitutional improvement, guarded bypragmatic implementation and supervision and underpinned by a reliable internal balancing system, endeavoring to make risk control an indispensable part of our business objectives, our responsibilities, working flows and our management framework.

• Risk Management Practice
Risk Management is an important part of our corporate culture. Our Management sees it as their first priority, leading our employees to improve their awareness in compliance and risk prevention.

The Risk Management team has established procedures to classify, identify, evaluate, report and supervise risks. The team also conducts scheduled and random checks to assess and prevent potential risks. Through a clear-cut report system, the team report risk situation to the competent department and the Management to act promptly to control and tackle the risks.

As a professional JV fund management company, MSHF will continue to pay close attention to risk management methods home and abroad, improve our risk management efficiency and risk control capability to protect our clients’ interest and ensure the long-term development of our business.